1000+ People have Pinned this Picture from Our Wedding

My husband and I were very blessed to have a family friend and excellent photographer document our wedding in the summer of 2013. I excitedly shared several pictures of our special day on Pinterest for the inspiration of other future brides. This photo, in particular, has been particularly popular with thousands of repins – several hundred shares from my original pin and thousands more on other people's pins.

We were inspired to have a foot washing ceremony after witnessing a similar ceremony at a friend's wedding the year before. It was a very special and intimate addition to our ceremony and a great reminder for us to serve each other like Christ. "Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet," Christ said in John 13:14, "you also should wash one another’s feet."

Have you been to a wedding, your own or someone else's, that had a unique feature?

Five Awesome Mid-Century Modern #MCM Furniture Boards on Pinterest


1) For Mid Century Modern, by Jacqueline Isaacs

Ok, ok, it's MY mid-century modern furniture board on Pinterest. When I first became interested in mid-century modern (MCM), I became frustrated that there were not many boards on the topic out there.  So I started my own. What I love about MCM is it's attention to natural wood grains, fibers, and metals. It focuses on clean lines and and organization, which makes me happy. This board focuses on individual furniture or art, with the occasional room and home layout. MCM pieces look great together, or mixed with other styles. One of my greatest joys in life is finding a great piece at a vintage or antique shop, but there are many current companies which produce furniture in the MCM style. Several pins on this board come from places like Target and Zulily, which also mean affordability.

For Mid Century Moder

2) Midcentury Modern, by Suzanne Hartman

This board is a great collection of room layouts in the MCM style. The pins also take you to great blogs and real home listings. I always like pins that actually go places.

Midcentury Modern

3) Mid-Century Modernby Matt Allison

This board presents MCM from a man's perspective and seems to put more of an emphasis on the great textures and deep layers of MCM. I also appreciate the attention to color and coordination.

Mid-Century Modern

4) Mid-century Modernby Andrea Luna-Reece

This board is sort of a lifestyle board and has great vintage images of life in the 1950-60s, in addition to great furniture and housewares. There is also a focus on the textiles and patterns of the era which are so iconic.

Mid-century modern

5) Midcentury Modernby Anyta Mulder

Something special that this board has is adorable animals. A lot of animal-shaped art and toys, which inspires great decorating ideas for MCM children's rooms or nurseries. So cute.

Midcentury Modern

So there you have it! Some of the best that I have seen, though I know there are many, many more. Happy Pinning! And if you come across any other great MCM boards, please share!