Top 5 Mid-Century Modern #MCM House Tours

Where do you find inspiration for you mid-century modern home? I like looking into other people’s homes! Here are my top 5 favorite mid-century modern house tours online.


top five

House Tours

Since the primary reason I love mid-century modern design is how homey it is, I can’t resist checking out some mid-century modern home tours online. In fact, I first was exposed to mid-century modern when my husband and I were first married and looking to decorate our first home together. There is something about this vintage design that incorporates feminine lines, patterns, and comfort with masculine textures,  colors, and nature elements. Here are some of my favorite sources of inspiration currently found on the internet, and I hope you enjoy checking them out as much as I do!

1. Style At Home: Zoë Chicco at the Glitter Guide

Zoë Chicco is a goldsmith and jewelry designer, who brings a lot of glamour to her mid-century modern  home design. If you are looking for the fancy side of mid-century, or are already have the glamour and are looking to add some mid-century character to your overall look, this house tour provides plenty of inspiration.

2. Jenny & Collin’s Bold Mix of Books & Media on Apartment Therapy

My favorite thing about Jenny and Collin’s home is how books and other media are the main focus. I love everything about books, from the content, to the covers, to the timelessness of the act of reading. One of the best parts of mid-century modern design is how well it mastered making storage beautiful. This particular tour really demonstrates how to use that storage to feature cool things like books.


3. A Time Traveling Vintage Inspired San Francisco Home at Design Sponge

Photography Troy Litten has quite a following for his artistic work, but also for his amazing vintage-inspired home in San Francisco. I personally find his style amusing because it has such a sense of science fiction, without actually referencing any scifi literature or films. Great inspiration for the nerd who doesn’t want to over-do it.

4. Love Nest in Lonny Magazine

Did you know that actors Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen were into mid-century modern? I didn’t either, but fortunately Sarah Storms of Lonny Magazine found out for all of us. What a beautiful, understated celebration of how mid-century design brings together masculine and feminine. Now we can all dream of how we would decorate our homes of we had an unlimited budget!

5. Amy & David Butler’s Creative Textile Lab of a Home at Apartment Therapy

While this home tour is billed as an adventure through creative textiles, it also, perhaps inadvertently, celebrates mid=-century modern design. Of course, mid-century design makes great use of textiles, but also of light and space and color which this house tour brings in force.

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