Top Five Mid-Century Modern Genre Mash-ups

top five
Mid-century modern design is generally considered to include architecture, interior design, and furniture. But its core set of characterizes lends itself to other designs as well. The clean lines, rich colors and textures, natural elements, and tangible excitement are innately beautiful (at least to those of us moved by MCM design), and here are my top 5 MCM genre mash-ups.


The 1950s and 60s were spent looking at the night sky. This star-begotten generation heard Sputnik’s signal, Kennedy’s speech, and Armstrong’s step falls. As much as I love learning about our amazing universe and look forward to the day that humanity once again walks on other worlds, I know that I can never really understand the zeitgeist of the space race era. Yet by looking at the space works of the mid-20th century, we can all catch but a glimpse.

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[Left] Charlton Heston as astronaut George Taylor in the 1968 Planet of the Apes, [Center] “Atomic Future” limited edition print by Linda Tillman, [Right] “This is Cape Canaveral” by  Miroslav Sasek shared by Tumblr user Mid-Century Modern Grapic Design.


As my husband and I were beginning to decorate for our first Christmas together, I turned to the power of the internet for ideas on how to decorate in a mid-century modern style. There were lots of great blogs out there, but nothing that offered directions for a complete mid-century look. To fill that void, I compiled five easy steps to have a very merry, mid-century modern Christmas. If that’s of interest of you, definitely check out the whole list. But in short, MCM makes a beautiful Christmas because it yields great music, great family projects, and great new traditions.

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[Left] modern paper ornaments how-to by Rock Mom, [Center] rustic tree stand on decoist.

Graphic Design

The design elements of Modernism translated naturally into graphic design and showed itself in book covers, movie posters, and Mad Men style advertisements. One of my favorite things to collect is mass market paperback books from used book stores which you can usually find for a couple bucks. Book covers use to be works of art [insert sighing comment about how they don’t make books like that anymore].

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[Center] The Animal Kingdom illustrated by Charley Harper, [Right] giclee print of 1968 Planet of the Apes movie poster for sale at


When I was combing the internet for good MCM resources, I found several great boards by other users on Pinterest. One that caught my eye was Anyta’s because it featured adorable small animal prints and figurines. It instantly inspired me for any future kid’s rooms or nursery’s.

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[Left] re-purposed mcm end table into lego play area by Fussy Monkey Business, [Center] danish deer photographed by Flickr user homebug, [Right] white vintage toy kitchen set by KidKraft.


Pets aren’t kids. Buuuuut, we still all enjoy makings or designing spaces for our pets. MCM lends itself well to pet-friendly design because you can pick up used furniture pretty cheaply and refurbish it on your own. If you are going all out decorating your house, you might as well have pet beds and spaces that you enjoying showing off.

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[Left] MCM dog bed at Apartment Therapy, [Center] Right Bark ‘Atcha Collar at Modcloth, [Right] modern pet bowl stand at Almost Makes Perfect.



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