Adorable Kiddos & Your Brand

Children evoke feelings of commitment and trust in customers, particularly if the target demographic is parents. Large brands such as UPS and Ashford University are featuring these small faces, and we can all learn lessons about brand management from them.


Adorable Kiddos & Your BrandLessons from Large Companies Featuring Little Faces.


Adorable kids are irresistible. At least, several brands are banking on it!

In 2013, Ashford University launched a campaign to boost online enrollment called “Technology Changes Everything” spearheaded by a commercial of adorable children talking how “smart” and “bright” their parents were for completing their degrees online using their smart phones, laptops, and tablets.

Under CEO Andrew Clark, parent company Bridgepoint Education has increase enrollment from under 1000 students in fall of 2005, to over 95,000 in March of 2012. Capitalizing on this success, they conducted a survey in summer of 2012 and found that 9 out of 10 adults considering high education agree that “Technology Changes Everything,” particularly moms of young kids. Hence the adorable children in their commercials.

Here is their most recent ad, titled “School Comes to You.”

Role Models

Now this recently we saw an even larger brand getting on the smiling-children band wagon — UPS. Their most recent ad, titled “Role Models,” is a slight pivot from their focus on logistics. They still emphasize the logistics, a word they have come to own, but they are viewing the importance through the eyes of their kid’s sports teams.



There is no need to explain why kids are great for brand loyalty. They evoke the same warm-fuzzy emotions of devotion and commitment that brand managers want people to feel about their products. Or in this case, services. As the girl says at the end of the Ashford University commercial above, “you can trust me, I’m a kid.”

Emotions: Devotion, commitment, affection, closeness, warmth

Target Audiences: Parents, older siblings, and those men & women in the age demographics to have young children

Does this describe your customers and how you want them to feel? It does for Ashford University & UPS.



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