How to Have a Merry Mid-Century Modern Christmas in Five Easy Steps

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As my friends and family are beginning to suspect, I really love mid-century modern. So as my husband and I were beginning to decorate for our first Christmas together this year, I turned to the power of the internet for ideas on how to decorate in a mid-century modern style. There were lots of great blogs out there, but nothing that offered directions for a complete mid-century look. To fill that void, I have compiled here five easy steps to have a very merry, mid-century modern Christmas.

NOTE: Most of the pictures link to Pinterest if you want to pin them yourself.

1) Pick a Color Pallet

This is a crucial place to start because it defines all of your decorating decision from here on out. Not to say that you can’t change your mind, or have different color pallets in different rooms, but having a specific color pallet in mind will make it easier on you to coordinate your pieces, make purchasing decisions, and make decor yourself (as we’ll discuss later). Popular combinations include the classic red and green, the addition of white to the red and green, metallics, and brightly colored neons.

Bright Colors & Neons


White, Red, and Green


I chose Red, Silver, and Gold

Red, Silver, and Gold Red, Silver, and Gold Red, Silver, and Gold

2) DIY

One of the best parts of the holidays is spending time with family. But if you are like most families, you begin to run out of ideas after a few days! Making your own mid-century Christmas decorations is a great way to spend time together, add a little vintage feel to your decor, and save money. Here are some great DIY ideas.




3) Utilize Vintage Prints

Thanks to the Internet, we can find actual vintage mid-century prints, wrapping paper, and cards on sites like Etsy and Ebay. Or you can find reproductions and mid-century inspired prints almost anywhere. They are small, easy ways to have a mid-century Christmas even if you do nothing else.


4) Play Classic Carols

Music wafting through a home is one of the simplest, yet most powerful forms of decoration. It can brighten spirits and set holiday moods. The 1950s and 1960s is a great vintage of Christmas Carols, and you should definitely pick up some old albums (or download, whatever).


5) Exercise Restraint

Despite some people’s interpretation of mid-century, and others’ of the Christmas season, the key to a well-executed #MCM Christmas is exercising restraint. Minimalism in a close cousin of mid-century modern, and you should keep that in mind when you decorate. Think more of what you can highlight, than what you can hide, and what you can put away than what you can put up.


How to Have a MCM Christmas in 5 Easy Steps



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