Gifts for Her that Keep on Giving All Year

The “gift that keeps on giving” can be illusive, despite the fact that so many products and services promise it. Here are my suggestions for gifts that truly do carry the Christmas joy all year ’round and that won’t break the bank. One word of warning however, you might want to check if she already subscribes to one of these before you order it!

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1) Birchbox Subscription

For those who aren’t familiar, Birchbox is a subscription service which mails you sample-sizes of beauty and personal care products personalized to your interests for $10 a month for women, and $20 a month for men. Of course, if you like one of the samples, you can buy the full-sized item through their website. Brilliant. They also have a great “find your shade” feature which will make buying the perfect make-up online super simple for her. The box is delivered every month, and I can tell you from personal experience, the surprise of what is in your box makes every “Birchbox Day” like a mini birthday (without the “I’m getting older” woes).

Purchase a Birchbox subscription here.

2) Amazon Prime Membership

If you aren’t sure what to get her, an Amazon Prime membership gives her the gift of free shipping on all the stuff you would have no idea she wanted. At $79 for a year, it’s a gift that is sure to pay off. In addition to the benefits of free two-day shipping, you could both benefit from the instant streaming movies, Kindle book access, and discount grocery subscriptions. While it may seem a “practical gift,” it’ll only take that first experience of getting her products in two days or finding her favorite show available for free for her to realize how thoughtful of a gift it really is.

Purchase an Amazon Prime gift membership here.

3) Gourmet Spotting Subscription

I haven’t signed up for this yet, but I very well might. And soon. I spotted this interesting take on the monthly box of goodies on The Gifting Experts, who have a coupon code for $10 off your first month. The Gourmet Spotting box includes full sized gourmet food from around the world, and The Gifting Expert’s box included Calamarata noodles, fresh oregano from Italy, hot sauce, white truffle oil, and espresso dulce de leche brownies. Subscriptions start at $29.99 and under, which includes the cost of donate meals to charity. While this has a slighlty higher price tag for an annual subscription ($434.99 for the year), $30 a month is a distincly affordable way to do date-night once a month.

Purchase your Gourmet Spotting subscription here, but stop here first for your coupon code!

4) Fruit of the Month Subscription

Fruit subscriptions are a great gift for someone who enjoys a healthy lifestyle or who perennially sets a New Year’s resolution to get healthy. Two great services are Harry and David’s and The Fruit Company, both starting at $69.95. A former roommate of mine once received a monthly fruit subscription, and the fruit always arrived immaculately packaged and in prime ripeness. It also was a highlight of her month and she would plan her meals around her fruit for days.

Purchase a fruit subscription from Harry and David’s here or The Fruit Company here.

5) Barkbox Subscription

Obviously, this is in the same vein as the above mentioned Birchbox. But it’s for her favorite furry friend(s). Subscriptions start as low as $19 a month and 10% goes towards supporting a rescue group. Subscriptions are also customized to the size and habits of the dogs, so large dogs and small dogs alike can get appropriate toys and treats. My guess is that the next Barkbox would arrive as the goodies from the last one are destroyed.

Purchase a BarkBox subscription here.

Do you have any suggestions? Would love to hear about your great finds in the comments!


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