3 Thoughts on Ender’s Game by Someone Who Loves the Book

UPDATE: “Five Books You’ll Love if You Liked Ender’s Game” – NOW LIVE at Values & Capitalism

1. It’s Better than The Hunger Games

Last year, when The Hunger Games movie was released in theaters, Values & Capitalism published “Five Books You’ll Love if You Liked the Hunger Games.” The very first book on that list is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. My reasoning for why fans of The Hunger Games would like Ender’s Game is that they had much more to gain from Card’s version of a totalitarian military regime a few hundred years in the future forcing children to fight in “games.” While the setting seems similar, I felt The Hunger Games trilogy missed many opportunities to have the kind of meaningful message Ender’s Game delivers.

2. Dystopian Literature is Important

For those who are interested in this kind of dystopia, Orson Scott Card did it arguably better than Collins with Ender’s Game in 1985, and he did it with just a touch of aliens. It is important for young readers to be familiar with the world of dystopian literature because it displays human nature in a uniquely terrifying way. It shows us the hell that our sinful condition has the potential to create, as a warning for us to take intentional action towards a better future. It provides a new framework for our thinking, as in Ender’s Game famous paradigm shift, “‘Remember,’ said Ender. ‘The enemy’s gate is down.’”

3. It Is A Great Introduction to More Books

Ender’s Game is a Nebula Award winner, a Hugo Award winner, and my personal favorite, but there is a whole world of literature to which Card’s work can introduce readers. It’d recommend checking out last year’s “Five Books You’ll Love if You Liked the Hunger Games” for some great recommendations, but STAY TUNED! “Five Books You’ll Love If You Like Ender’s Game” comes out TOMORROW at Values & Capitalism!

What books would you recommend to fans of Ender’s Game?

Bonus Thought!

I am super excited about the movie coming out tomorrow, November 1. I’m most looking forward to how they depict the Battle Room, and Harrison Ford is going to make an excellent Col. Graff. My only concern about the movie is if they are going to try to force a romance between Ender and Petra – ewe. Right? Anyway, we will see tomorrow!

What are your thoughts about the upcoming movie? Any concerns about how the screen play will differ from the book?


One thought on “3 Thoughts on Ender’s Game by Someone Who Loves the Book

  1. This was a really good book. Sci-fi, as a rule, isn’t my genre of choice. But the characters and the story were so interesting that my attention was held until the very end. I was also surprised by the ending. I can honestly say that I didn’t expect that at all.

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