“Hump Day” Commercial Creators Talk about Their Wildly Successful Ad

Geico, the “Government Employees Insurance Company” which serves 12 millions customers and is positioned to overtake Allstate as the #2 auto insurer, has long been known for it’s funny commercials and lovable spokespeople. The gecko, the cavemen, the bundle of money with eyeballs, Maxwell the Pig, Jimmy and Ronnie asking “how happy are they?” and the  film noir-style narration guy have all been successes in the advertising space. Then came Caleb the Camel from The Martin Agency. I really enjoyed this short video of the creators talking about their phenomenally successful project. It was clearly engineered to go viral, which makes we question how they had any idea a talking camel would have such appeal. I also included the cinema short sponsored by Gieco and featuring Caleb in case you haven’t seen it yet.

What do you think about Geico’s advertising strategy? What do you think the success of Caleb the Camel says about viral advertising?


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