The “Single” Most Important Thing

The “Single” Most Important Thing

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to guest blogged on a Christian singles community website on the topic of “Career & Adventure.” If you are looking for more discussion and advice on life as a single person, be sure to check out SingleRoots.

My piece is titled, “The Single Most Important Thing Singles Can Do for Their Career.” What do you think it is? Well maybe you should check it out.

As a teaser, this is my favorite part of the article.

Read the big books. Read the books you have never read but have wanted to read. Books on business and management will help you be a better employee and could lead to a raise or a promotion.

SingleRootsBooks on history and current events will make you more astute and give you a better understanding of society. Reading the rich works of literature, the most mysterious thrillers, and the soul-stirring fantasies will make you a more interesting and well-rounded person. Read anything, everything. No one has ever regretted being well read.

Dating Advice

This post really isn’t about dating. As SingleRoots‘ motto goes, “you’re more than your dating life.” But one of the most important thing about being single is to use that spare time to become the best person possible. Someone really smart also said,

Write the narrative of your single years with intentionality and entrepreneurship. Every action, if taken with intention, will be a learning experience. The combination of these experiences will make you a better person, a better employee, and eventually a better partner and parent.

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